My DIlemma :(

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My DIlemma :(

Post  DOMINATOR on Fri Nov 25, 2011 12:07 am

Hey guys im coming here to ask for your opinion. The main problem here is i want digimon that are as strong as possible, but im also very concerned about looks. Im trying to keep 1 of each class in my lineup 1Va 1Da 1Vi. I have to keep my starter agumon ofc. I got lucky with a 5/5 122% renamon and a 5/5 119% keramon, but in reality i like my 4/5 gabumon and 4/5 impmon just for the looks even though they r 105% and 103% I would like for some1 to explain to me how much im losing statwise if i take the 4/5 over the 5/5 digis. Please let me know what you think. I gotta decide once and for all who im going to train and whos staying in the archive cuz right now im training almost all of them to ~lvl30 when i could have probably reached much higher lvls if i hadnt. Tnx in advance

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