Money Strategies ($_$)

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Money Strategies ($_$)

Post  Admin on Tue Nov 22, 2011 10:57 pm

Ok guys and 0.o ladies.
There are a few ways to make cash this is my personal way there are more as I'm sure the rest of the guildies will add more to this list but here I go.

  • Never Scan Blue or Green ring eggs when grinding or farming (saves you a lot)

  • Only buy vitamin drinks and use the ones received from scanning first. (never skip an evolution it wastes DS)

  • Don't buy what you don't need, in other words farm what you can farm and don't be lazy.
    Sell eggs received in battle that you don't want.
    (Also you can buy eggs from people then re-sell for a higher price but uh ehum you didn't hear from me)

  • Sell all items you plan to throw away (at NPS or other players depends on item)

This is basically it.
- Rumor


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