Icy's Making You Rich Guide

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Icy's Making You Rich Guide

Post  IcyBreeze on Wed Nov 23, 2011 1:38 pm

1. Doing the story and subquests gets you about 200m after you finish the storyline currently.

2. This is what i did to make money. I'll make it simple.
A)Follow the Official Grinding Guide I posted earlier
B)You could start killing any digimon that drops mercenary eggs(i dont recommend)
C)Kill any digimon that drops Beast data since majority of digimon are beasts and most ppl need beast type digimon.
D)Only buy the lowest class foods where ever you are.
E)Well it depends how much money you got saved up but for more money scan only Class 1 Eggs since they only drop eggs the rest have low probability scanning data.

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